Australian made for 20 years and tested in some of the world’s toughest waters, Hydralign is a trusted, more effiecient and robust self feathering yacht propeller. Designed to get boats reacting more positively (foward and astern) through better use of engine power, tougher construction, fewer working parts and positive incremental pitch adjustment.

Unlike folding propellers, Hydralign feathering propellers have equal thrust in forward and reverse gear. Designed by Jack Christoffersen, an experienced racing and cruising yachtsman from his own marine engineering business, JBC Yacht Engineering, Sydney since 1974. In 2005 JBC has been under new management of sail maker Michael Lee, boat builder Kevin Allen and engineer George Atkinson. Hydralign propellers can be supplied ready to install, including treatment with antifoul or Prop SpeedTM on request.

The Hydralign self-feathering propeller has been designed and tested in Australia's rigorous waters. Built in Sydney by experienced yachtsman Jack Christoffersen, the Hydralign self-feathering propeller:

- offers a simple method of adjusting blade pitch
- gives positive power astern as well as ahead
- has a robust and durable construction